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Warmup snow melting products are composed of electrical cables and mats, connected to moisture and temperature sensing controllers. When placed in concrete, asphalt or under pavers, Warmup snow melting mats and cables prevent the accumulation of ice and snow on driveways, walkways and stairs.

Snow Free Driveway

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The snow melting mats and cables for concrete, asphalt and under pavers applications are available in a variety of lengths, allowing you to heat as small or large area as you need.

The main benefit of electric heated sidewalks and driveways systems over glycol-based hydronic systems, is that they are much simpler to design and considerably less expensive to purchase and install.

Increase safety and convenience by keeping driveways and paths snow-free and frost-protected with our wide range of outdoor heating solutions.


So you have your snow melting system installed. Now, what?

Connect them to one of our intuitive outdoor controllers that will automatically activate based on readings from the temperature and moisture sensor.

Adjust your temperature setting according to your needs at any given time and relax! You now have a friend outside keeping your steps, walkways and driveway clear, dry and safe.

How to choose which controller to use?

It basically comes down to two things; how much area are you trying to heat and what you are trying to heat.

  • The DS-2C is a good choice when you are just heating your driveway, stairs or walkways. The DS-2C comes with the ability to handle 30amps and is perfect for smaller ground surface projects under 150 sqft.
  • The DS-5C has 2 x 30amp relays that are useful when you are heating both your driveway/walkway/stairs or even your roof/gutter at the same time. No need for separate controllers to do both jobs.

Call or e-mail us for pricing estimate.  Please include Include measurements of the driveway, sidewalk or stairs.

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