Yes, You Should Buy a Bidet.

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If you've traveled outside the United States, you've likely been in a bathroom with a bidet. This is a very puzzling porcelain device that has a faintest notion of its purpose. A bidet is a fixture equipped with a water stream meant for post-toilet personal hygiene. It's a common sight in bathrooms throughout Europe and Asia. In Japan, where bathing is a revered ritual, nearly every home boasts a toilet with a built-in bidet, a modern hybrid that's become a must-have amenity in many luxury hotel bathrooms. According to the people who are passionate about bidets, everyone could use one. The words “I’m converted” are repeated over and over throughout our showroom. People have strong opinions about washing "down there", but one thing is for sure: The Toto WASHLET is better than any other bidet seat at dialing in your exact preferences—pulsating or oscillating stream, warm or cool water, high or low pressure. Thanks to their unique, intuitive controls, you’ll find that it’s just as easy to disable the bells and whistles if you’re in it only for the heated seat. Instead of traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough, the WASHLET quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. A once mundane trip to the bathroom can become a spa-like experience with a WASHLET. 
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The WASHLET brings a new, refreshing lifestyle to America.
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